Cameron Perrier was born in Ottawa, Ont. and grew up in the prairies of Alberta. . Graduating with a degree in journalism from Mount Royal University in 2015, Cameron has interviewed a number of compelling Calgarians with their own stories to tell that have opened his eyes to the world around him and the human condition. Cameron has also spent time abroad in the U.K. and working for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) h in the communications department. 


Cameron hopes to write for Canada's largest publications in the future, focusing on politics and aboriginal affairs. When he is not chasing down the next story, Cameron can be found in the Alberta Rockies, watching documentaries or working his way through a bottle of Pinot Noir.


You can find his online portfolio here

This project was recently nominated for the Canadian Association of Journalists Student Award of Excellence. While the project did not get a win - the voices of Sixties Scoop survivors and those involved in the child welfare system won with having this issue brought to a national venue. I would like to thank the following: Rhonda Champman, Suzanne Dzus, Sally Haney, Brad Clark, Erin Isings, Peter Choate, Amara McLaughlin, Jesse Yardley and of course - Mom.



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